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Cleaning and Maintaining a Septic Tank

Cleaning and Maintaining a Septic Tank

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What is a septic tank?

A septic tank is a large container typically made up of fiberglass, plastic, or concrete that’s placed under the ground. It is used for the purpose of treating wastewater that flows out of the house. Septic tank is used where sewerage or wastewater management is not available. The Septic tank separates the sewage and wastewater into different chambers. After a short period of time, sludge and scum layers build up within the tank at a faster rate than the draining of the tank.

It usually consists of two compartments. Higher density solids settle down at the bottom and the liquid waste passes to the other compartment. Solids get decomposed by anaerobic digestion and as a result, produce sludge. This sludge reduces the active volume of the septic tank and therefore there is a need to clean out the tank.

It’s important that the septic tank is cleaned on a relatively regular basis in order to get rid of the sludge and scum buildup. Without cleaning the tank, the system will become inefficient. It will not effectively treat the wastewater that flows through it.

Cleaning a septic tank:

The people who live in the city may not be familiar with the cleaning and maintenance of septic tanks. But for the people living in more regional areas, regular cleaning of septic tanks and maintenance of the system is important. It’s a must to avoid problems and to keep the septic tank from getting blocked.

Septic tank pumping is a technique that’s used to clean the septic tank when it gets full. On average, the cleaning of the system should be done after every three to four years. These numbers vary with the number of people using the septic system. If there are few people living in the house, then it lasts for a longer time. But if there are five or seven adults in a family living in the house, then your septic system will need cleaning more frequently.

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Maintaining a septic tank:

A well-functioning septic system needs cleaning after a particular time. But, it still needs regular maintenance after cleaning. Maybe you will not observe any problem with your septic tank. But when the tank gets overfull then the septic system will stop working properly. Solid material like sludge might get into the septic tank and out through the absorption line. After that, it may cause damage to the septic system.

Is your septic system checked and cleaned on regular basis to ensure it’s working efficiently? Modern septic systems have a maintenance contract to perform regular checks and cleaning of the tank. But for older septic tanks or traditional systems, you’ll need to arrange the checks and septic cleaning yourself.

It’s possible for everyone to check the septic tank’s sludge levels. But it’s not an easy job. Many people arrange a professional plumber to do the checking and cleaning of the septic tank for them. It is recommended to annually check the levels of sludge in your septic tank.

Benefits of cleaning and maintaining a septic tank:

Keep your home waste-free

When the septic tank gets overfilled then the capacity, you will see a backflow of wastewater in your home. The dirty water will cause a strong smell of sewage that no one wants in the home. If not taken seriously, it can cause serious health hazards as it contains dangerous diseases. Not only health issues, but it will also badly damage different things of home.

If regular checkups and cleaning are done, then you will not face any backflow of dirty water in your home. Otherwise, you will see a pool of sewage in your home. So, be careful and do a regular checkup to avoid such headaches.

Avoids slow drainage

So many people face the problem of slow drainage. Sometimes it’s due to clogging of hair or other things in drains. But, sometimes removing and pulling out wastes from your drains may not work. Because it’s due to septic tank hasn’t been cleaned and maintained properly.

Many people believe that when they experience slow drains, the cause is hair or other mundane items clogging the drain. The reality is many times your septic tank creates slow drains when it hasn’t been serviced or maintained properly.

Slow drainage is not a big problem itself, but if it’s not cared it becomes a huge problem. Must do a regular checkup and cleaning of your septic tank to avoid drain blockage. Otherwise, slow drainage soon becomes no drainage.

Save your money

Many people think that the maintenance of septic tanks is so costly. That’s why they avoid maintenance on regular basis and take no care of it. The only time when they think about it is when they face a problem. But it’s too late.

The cost of regular maintenance is far less than the cost of major septic problems.

Maintenance can catch small issues before they become big. So, don’t fear the price and perform good maintenance practices.

It is environment friendly

We talked about how sewage backflow can impact the health of your family, but that’s not the only one. There’s another problem of sewage leaks that causes environmental problems. Sometimes the untreated sewage flows into the groundwater such as lakes and streams or underground water reserves. After that, it can impact usable water for everyone from animals to your neighbors.

Your septic tank leak could lead to a major environmental problem that requires remediation. Proper maintenance of your septic tank can avoid such environmental issues. Also, keep you from getting in trouble with the local and provincial authorities.

It is a good habit

Regular checkup and cleaning of septic tanks is a good practice. So many people have a bad habit of flush down waste elements such as toilet paper, wipes, etc. Such habits will badly affect your septic system. They can clog the septic tank pump and lead to many problems ahead. Therefore, your septic tank must be pumped out and cleaned on a regular basis.

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