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Septic Tank Cleaning and Maintenance

Septic tank cleaning and maintenance

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Septic tank:

A septic tank is a large container typically made up of fiberglass, plastic, or concrete that’s placed under the ground. It is used for the purpose of treating wastewater that flows out of the house. Septic tank is used where sewerage or wastewater management is not available. It’s mostly used in onsite areas.

How does a septic tank work?

The Septic tank separates the sewage and wastewater into different chambers. After a short period of time, sludge and scum layers build up within the tank.

It usually consists of two compartments. Higher density solids settle down at the bottom and the liquid waste passes to the other compartment. Solids get decomposed by anaerobic digestion and in a result produce sludge. This sludge reduces the active volume of the septic tank and therefore there is a need to clean out the tank.

It’s important that the septic tank is cleaned on a regular basis in order to get rid of the sludge and scum buildup. Without cleaning the tank, the system will become inefficient. It will not effectively treat the wastewater that flows through it.

How to clean a septic tank?

Most septic tanks have been cleaned after every two or three years or maybe after one year if it has been used by a large family. But it’s also possible to perform a checkup on whether the septic tank needs to be cleaned. Check the scum layer, when it gets within 6-8 inches of the basic outlet pipe in the tank, the system should be cleaned. Also, check the lower sludge layer when it’s 12 inches away from the outlet pipe system that needs cleaning. However, for a normal person, it can be very difficult to detect the scum and sludge layers within a septic tank. That’s why it’s highly recommended to contact a septic tank inspector to determine if a cleaning is needed. The UAE Septic Tank cleaners provide the best inspection for septic tanks.

4 points to keep in mind for septic tank maintenance:

Keep in mind the 4 elements for a healthy life of your septic system:

1. Regular inspection

For a normal septic tank, you need a proper inspection of the septic system after every three years. The septic tank itself needs cleaning after a period of 3 to 5 years. But if you are using a septic tank that operates with mechanical components like electrical switches, pumps, etc. It should be inspected once every year.

While inspecting not only look at the sludge and scum layers but also inspect for tank leaks. Make sure the tank is getting a leak from anywhere. Otherwise, it will cause serious problems for the environment. However, it’s a difficult task for a normal person to perform an inspection. If you are unable to find a professional inspector yet, contact UAE Septic Tank Cleaners. We will provide you with the best inspector anywhere in UAE.

2. Water usage

The 2nd most important point to keep in mind is to use water efficiently. As much water, you will conserve it will increase the efficiency of a septic tank. On average a single person uses about 70 gallons of water per day. Furthermore, the leaks from taps and toilets also waste plenty of water per day. Where all this wasted water will go? Absolutely, it will travel through pipes and go into the septic tank. More water conservation will result in increased efficiency of the septic tanks.

Most commonly in households, much water is used in the kitchen, clothes washing, toilet and shower. If care is taken then a significant amount of water will be conserved. For instance, when you are using water in the kitchen avoid wasting water. Don’t leave the tap open for a long time. Use a water reducer in taps. Moreover, while washing clothes apply the same steps. Try to wash your laundry in smaller loads. For the shower in the bath, use a high-efficiency shower with a flow restrictor. Similarly, water-efficient toilets are also available, try purchasing them.

3.Waste disposal

Proper waste disposal is the 3rd most important point for the proper functioning of a septic tank. Keep in mind that everything that you dispose of in drains will affect the efficiency of the septic tank. We at UAE Septic Tank Cleaners recommend never dispose of the following elements in your drains or toilets:

  1. Diapers
  2. Any type of oil or grease
  3. Dental floss
  4. Tissue paper or Paper towels
  5. Baby wipes
  6. Cigarette butts
  7. Any kind of chemicals

We have added chemicals to the list because pouring toxin chemicals in drains or toilets will affect the septic tank performance. As you know there are small microorganisms in the septic tanks that are responsible for the breakdown of wastes. If we pour toxin chemicals into the septic system, it will kill those microorganisms. As a result of which septic system becomes unable to treat wastes.

4. Maintaining the drain-field area

The last but not the least important point to be kept in mind is to maintain the drain-field area of your septic system. Remember that the drain-field area is a much important part of the septic system. This drain-field area is responsible for the drainage of wastewater of the whole household. Normally it’s a stone-filled system to properly filter the water that goes down to the septic tank. There are numerous numbers of precautions that one can perform to maintain the drain-field area. Some of the steps are mentioned here:

  1. Never drive or park in your drain-field area.
  2. If you plant trees, plant them at a significant distance from the drain-field area.
  3. All rainwater drainage systems, sump pumps, and roof drains should be kept away from the drain field area.

Keep in mind these steps and your septic will keep working efficiently for years without needing to be replaced. Just combine these tips with regular inspections.

How to maintain a septic tank?

We have arranged a few guidelines for you regarding the maintenance of the septic tank. Follow these guidelines to keep your septic system working efficiently.

  1. Only use 1 or 2 ply toilet paper.
  2. Repair leaking toilets.
  3. Install a dual-flush cistern for the toilet.
  4. Clean the toilet naturally (Don’t use toxic chemicals)
  5. Don’t flush other items down the toilet including tampons, sanitary napkins, condoms, paper towels, cat litter, or nappy wipes.
  6. Pump out your septic tank every 2-5 years. UAE Septic Tank Cleaners can test your septic tank to determine if it’s due for a pump-out or not.
  7.  Gutter cleaning service

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