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Septic Tank Inspection – Complete Guide

Septic tank inspection

septic tank insppection

Septic tank inspection is an essential job for the owners of the house using a septic system. One must keep in mind the regular inspection of a septic tank so that the system keeps running efficiently. Usually, the septic tank is buried under the ground that’s why people forget about it until problems arise.

Defining a septic tank

The areas that are not connected to sewerage or don’t have public sewerage facility, depend upon a septic tank system. A septic tank is a huge container buried under the ground for the purpose of treating wastewater and effluents. Generally, a septic tank is made up of concrete, plastic, or glass fiber. Most commonly a concrete septic tank is used.

Septic tank consists of two compartments for treating wastewater and solid wastes. The solid wastes coming alongside water get deposited into the bottom of the septic tank. Once all the solids get settled in the tank, the liquid water is sent into the drain field. The soil beneath the drain field contains bacteria that further treat the water. Afterward, the cleaned water gets absorbed into the ground and adds to groundwater. The anaerobic process occurring in the septic tank results in the partial breakdown of solid wastes. This breakdown causes the sludge build-up in the tank. The increasing sludge levels will reduce the volume of the septic tank and then the tank needs to be cleaned.

A well-installed and well-managed septic system lasts long for years without creating problems. On the other hand, if a septic system is not cared about and not inspected for years, it will make huge problems down the road.

Inspection of a septic tank

On average, a septic tank needs to be cleaned after every 3-5 years. However, a tank must be regularly inspected. The average time for septic tank inspection is every 2 or 3 years. But, if your system is outfitted with mechanical components, it must be inspected every year. Septic tank inspection involves the inspection of water levels, sludge, and scum layers level in the tank. Maybe you will not able to do this job, so we recommend you to hand over this job to a professional one.

Common questions about septic tank inspection

There are a few questions commonly asked by people about the septic tank inspection. UAE Septic Tank Cleaners(UAESTC) has answered all these questions. Let us have a look at these questions:

Should I Have A Septic Inspection before buying a house?

Absolutely yes, You must have hired a septic inspector before buying a house if the house is using a septic system. The inspector will check for any possible damage to a septic system or leakage from the system. He will also check the water and wastes levels in the tank. Further, he checks for clogging drains or drainage fields. If he points out any problem, ask the seller to fix it before you buy the home.

When there’s a need for septic tank inspection?

On average, a septic tank must be inspected every 2 or 3 years depending upon different factors. But if your system is using mechanical out fittings like electric pump or alarm etc, it must be inspected every year. Other than that, whenever a problem occurs, make sure to inspect your septic tank. When you notice an unusual or slurry smell around drains, sluggish toilets, weak flushing, slow drainage, etc. you need an inspection. Also, whenever you are planning to remodel or reconstruct your house, make sure to inspect that time.

Can I perform a septic tank inspection on my own?

Septic tank inspection is not such an easy job at all. It may be a difficult job for an ordinary person. If you are planning to inspect your tank on your own, then you must have the proper knowledge and plumbing experience. Also, you must have access to proper equipment and tools used for septic tank inspection. If you don’t have the necessary tools, knowledge, and experience, we highly recommend you to ask for a professional inspector. Due to lake of knowledge and tools, you will be at the risk of making huge problems down the road. If you are unable to find any professional in any area of UAE, just make us a call. We will be there as soon as possible to look after your work. We also provide 24/7 immediate services in case of any emergency.

What a septic tank inspector look for?

When a septic tank inspector comes, he usually checks for the last date of cleaning, water levels in the tank. Also, he will check sludge and scum layers to ensure whether the tank needs to be cleaned or not. If the scum layer is under 6 inches from the basic outlet pipe, your tank needs to be cleaned. Similarly, if the lower sludge layer is under the12 inches from the basic outlet pipe your tank needs to be pumped out. The inspector will also check for the size of the tank, the number of people living in the house, and the daily water usage of the house.

How long it takes?

Depending upon the different factors, the time taken by the inspector will vary in limit. It usually depends on the type of location and levels of complexity. On average, a septic tank inspector takes from 45 minutes to 3 hours.

How to maintain a septic tank?

A well-functioning septic system needs cleaning after a particular time. But, it still needs regular maintenance after cleaning. Maybe you will not observe any problem with your septic tank. But when the tank gets overfull then the septic system will stop working properly. Solid material like sludge might get into the septic tank and out through the absorption line. After that, it may cause damage to the septic system.

Is your septic system checked and cleaned on regular basis to ensure it’s working efficiently? Modern septic systems have a maintenance contract to perform regular checks and cleaning of the tank. But for older septic tanks or traditional systems, you’ll need to arrange the checks and septic cleaning yourself.

It’s possible for everyone to check the septic tank’s sludge levels. But it’s not an easy job. Many people arrange a professional plumber to do the checking and cleaning of the septic tank for them. It is recommended to annually check the levels of sludge in your septic tank.


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