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What is the easiest and cheapest way to maintain a septic tank system in United Arab Emirates(UAE)?

What is the easiest and cheapest way to maintain a septic system?

I’m hoping you had the septic tank system evaluated before you bought the home. You should have a copy of the original permit which shows where each part of the septic tank system is located and exactly what type of setptic tank system you have. If you don’t have this – contact the local regulatory authority UAE (Drainage & health department or environmental department in Emirates of Dubai.) and get a copy. The details on what to do, will vary slightly depending on what type of system you have (feel free to reply and I’ll expand further).

The septic tank system should be pumped out regularly see Septic System Maintenance for details on how often based on size of tank and number of occupants.

What substance is the worst offender for clogging sewer and septic pipes in your house in UAE?

Grease is the he worst clogged of drainage systems of all types and because it has both a very high Bacterial Oxygen Demand and Continuous Oxygen Demand turns the water, well, septic tank systems, rather than a happy bacteria farm that eats the bad stuff.

Does a septic tank really need to be emptied even if it is working correctly? yes in Dubai you need clean it regularly if it is working correctly too.

As noted below  not all things that go down the drain biodegrade. Some sink (sand, dirt, solids – like bones, plastics, etc.) creating sludge, the ‘muck’ on the bottom; septic tank systems- (fats, oils and grease traps, light plastics and the like) creating the floating ‘scum layer’ on top the septic tanks.



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